Analysed properly, your data is invaluable. Let us help you understand it. Any field, any company.

After conducting a deep analysis of your data, Dagon builds your unique algorithms, which we seamlessly integrate into your workflow. Any platform, any hardware.

Analysis isn’t the end of the journey. We tailor a training programme to your team to ensure our algorithms keep adding value.




To bring out the value in your data, we use a variety of techniques

With its rigorous treatment of confidence levels, can be extremely useful especially when dealing with linear-ish models and smallish datasets

Such as Kalman filtering and regularization, are great for dealing with uncertain data and for enhancing estimation by combining measurements with a priori assumptions

Such as clustering, neural networks, SVMs, or boosting, are flexible and powerful, but also require caution in using and interpreting them, and can be data-hungry

Such as principal component analysis, quadratic programming, or change detection, are useful over and over again precisely because of their simplicity

The best solutions typically involve blending several techniques, to best suit the challenge at hand – contact us to hear about some of the examples!




Founded by Dr Egor Kraev, Dagon Analytics uses cutting-edge techniques to bring its clients data to life.

With a MSc in Theoretical Math, a PhD in economic modelling and data analysis, and 10 years’ experience in designing diverse algorithms for finance, Egor is an experienced and innovative data scientist.

In parallel to his PhD, he spent four years in Ghana directing ISODEC’s Distributional Effects of Economic Policies project, as well as designing one of the early collaborative recommendation algorithms for, a startup.

He then turned his hand to finance, designing and managing e-trading platforms for top-tier financial institutions, directing teams of up to 15 developers.

Egor founded Dagon to apply his expertise to data problems in a wider context.


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